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What Is Final-Five Voting?

Political Innovation

Final-Five Voting is one of the key political innovations we champion here at Voters First Wisconsin.

Straight-Forward Solution

It is a brilliant yet straight-forward solution and is comprised of two key elements. A "Top 5" PRIMARY ELECTION in August of election years where the top 5 vote-getters advance to the general election. Voters now have the option to rank their favorite candidates in the GENERAL ELECTION in November of election years.
We are only focused on congressional seats (US House and US Senate) at this time.

Bi-Partisan Bill

It is a bi-partisan bill authored by Republican state senator Dale Kooyenga and Democratic representatative Daniel Riemer to help improve our broken political system.

How Does Final-Five Voting Work?

Watch this short video (2 min 14 sec)

Watch a longer video check out this TED Talk (17 min 34 sec)

Why Is Final Five Voting Good For you And Your Fellow Wisconsinites?

Final-Five Voting Encourages

Final-Five Voting Discourages

Final-Five Voting Captures The American Spirit Of Bipartisanship

Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher loves it!


Democrat State Senator Jeff Smith

“Americans are skeptical about our political system, and I can’t blame them. Having been elected to the Wisconsin State Senate eight years after leaving the Assembly in 2010, I personally see how politics have changed. Americans recognize this dysfunction and they’ve grown frustrated from it.

I hear this frustration when I’m listening to the people of western Wisconsin. My constituents see lawmakers with little appetite for bipartisan compromise; they don’t feel like their elected leaders are looking out for their best interests. When Wisconsinites feel disconnected from their leaders, they become disengaged from the political process altogether. This must change.”

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