Our Key Initiatives

Final-Five Voting

final five voting

Incentivizes politicians to produce bipartisan legislation and run more positive campaigns by shifting electoral power from the primary election to the general election.  Empowers voters with more voice and more choice by removing the fear of a “wasted vote” / “lesser of two evils” and allowing them to vote their conscience strategically.

Protect Wisconsin Elections

easy to vote

Shows support for our municipal clerks as they seek to run our Wisconsin elections with the utmost of integrity.  Seeks to build Wisconsinite’s confidence in our election administration by educating them on the processes, checks & balances involved along with a further knowledge of the organizations charged with oversight to ensure election outcomes we can all trust.

Non-partisan Redistricting

fair maps coalition

Advocates for the drawing of our legislative districts every 10 years to be done in a constitutional fashion and in a fair fashion that does not advantage any party over another given the natural population distribution across Wisconsin. We believe that competitive districts inspire lawmakers to perform and non-competitive districts lead to complacency.

Money In Politics

big money out

We advocate for the accountable, responsible and transparent use of money in politics. We dislike dark money and do not believe that money is speech and that corporations are people. Revolving doors into lobbying firms and near-limitless funding to PACs need to be shut down. Let’s elevate the voices of the 99% and ensure they aren’t drowned out by the 1%!